Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thank you everyone for praying for Abby and asking about her. I thought I'd write a little update.

The pediatrician's office called last week wanting to see Abby to see how everything was going, especially since the pediatrician hasn't seen Abby since this whole new treatment started. Well today she saw Abby and she noticed quite a visible difference from the last time she saw her. I think she was pleased with the results up to this point.

Also last Tuesday/Wednesday Abby wore another holter to monitor her heart to see if it was safe to increase her dosage. This medicine, for hemangioma purposes, is increased cautiously. The cardiologist did decide after reviewing her 24 hour holter, that her dose will be increased to the maximum for her current weight. We start the new dosage tomorrow. Next week, Abby will wear another holter just to make sure this increased dosage is working properly and not having negative effects on her heart rate. The two big concerns with this medicine that I see are heart rate and blood sugar. So far, so good.

Next Tuesday, Abby sees the dermatologist and it's very likely he will laser again. There still seems to be some ulceration activity. She still is wearing bandaging and hates it. The two topicals are still being used. We'll see what he says next week when he looks at it.

The dermatologist is working on the surface of the hemangioma and the cardiologist is working underneath to shrink the size of it. Both doctors are excellent and we are seeing progress on both fronts. :)

Both girls are doing well. Abby weighs 18 lbs. 4 oz. and Rachel weighs 19 lbs even. Both eat solids, crawl, play with toys, etc. Rachel sits up without the use of her hands. Abby trys to pull herself up on everything. I think she wants to skip the sitting up and start walking. Both have already grabbed doggie's food!!! Everyday is an adventure.

I'll post another update next week.