Sunday, November 9, 2008

Proteins and Cribs

Four weeks ago, I reported that my urine dipstick test showed a darker green than it should have. It was thought that maybe I kept the stick in the sample a few seconds too long. This past Friday, I was asked to do a urine test again at this doctor visit. (I do this for every doctor appointment.) My urine dipstick once again turned a darker green raising some flags. The doctor is sending me for a 24 hour urinalysis to check my proteins and to see if I have an infection. I am doing the urinalysis this Monday and Tuesday. My sugar level in the urine was also elevated. However, my gestational diabetes test came back normal. :) Hopefully everything with the urinalysis comes back good and that I am reading way too in to this protein level thing. (I research way too much!)

On a better note, my mom and step-dad assembled both baby cribs today and rearranged the room! It's starting to look like a nursery now instead of a storage area for boxes. :) The girls will like their new room! Thanks mom and Dan. Also, thanks Grandma and Grandpa Berwer for the mattresses!!!

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