Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Taste of What's to Come

On Sunday, Jennifer's mom and sister gave the babies an awesome shower. We are so blessed by the outpouring we received and are very thankful. An interesting side note is that Howie, our miniature schnauzer, has discovered that a whole lot of new stuff appeared in the house this weekend. He also got visits from almost all of his grandparents on the same day.

Yesterday, Jennifer and I caught Howie in the girls' room looking through the bags of clothes, toys, etc. and he came upon a "diaper" cake that our friend Tracy made. On top of it was two stuffed bears. Howie, of course, loving toys was fairly convinced that those were for him. So, this is what we have to expect for the upcoming arrival of the girls:

  • A constant battle between Howie and babies as to ownership of all toys in the house
  • The potential of finding toys and stuffed animals hidden throughout the house. We've recently found toys behind the couch. Apparently when Howie decides he needs to jump up on the couch to check out the neighborhood he does so with any stuffed animals in his mouth and as soon as his first bark comes out, out comes the stuffed animal on to the floor
  • We will also probably know from Howie which girl needs "attention"
So, the bottom line is that there will be some interesting jealousy issues in the near future but I'm confident all will be well.

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Derek and Elisabeth said...

My dog slept in between Ella and our room at night and during naptime...a year later he still does. They get super protective as well. Have fun with that!