Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Perinatologist, Primary Care, and Dermatologist

Yesterday I had a doctor appointment with the perinatologist. A perinatologist is an obstetrician that has received extra training and is board certified in the specialty of maternal-fetal medicine. He himself is not one of the multiple doctors that could potentially deliver the babies (depending on which doctor is on call when I go into labor). He acts as a consultant with the group of obstetricians about our situation. Andy and I like him and we will be seeing him more often as the pregnancy progresses.

The appointment with him went well. The babies looked good and their heart rates were normal. Cervical length is still on track. My blood pressure was good. He seemed to think things were okay and to come back in two weeks. He mentioned in three weeks (at 32 weeks) that they would start monitoring me twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays to watch for pre-term labor and preeclampsia. The perinatologist did want me to see a dermatologist about my skin rash to receive the best care for that since he is not a skin specialist. About the skin rash: I developed this rash on my stomach over a week ago. It has spread to my arms, chest, legs, and rear. Yes, you read that right. Due to our insurance being an HMO, I have to go through my primary care doctor to get a referral to see a dermatologist.

Now on to the referral for the dermatologist. I went to see the primary care doctor yesterday too! She asked if I had been around a cat or anyone with thrush, or taken any medicines, etc. All of which are "no". She decided to have me try calamine lotion and benadryl and see her this Friday before referring me to a dermatologist. I'll keep you informed.

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