Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Today I had a doctor appointment/ultrasound. First, the ultrasound was done. Both babies looked good and cervical length was on target. Then, I had the doctor visit. Weight and blood pressure were good and he didn't seem concerned about anything. I asked about weights of the babies and he said that they're where they should be. On December 23rd, I start going to the doctor twice a week. I also start Non-stress Tests at that time too. Non-stress tests will monitor fetal heart rates.

Only having seen two of the possible doctors that might deliver our babies, I inquired about the "on-call" schedule. During week 36, Dr. Johnson is on-call. Andy and I have never met this doctor. During week 37 (full-term), Dr. Foggie is on-call. We have met her. She is young and newer to the group. We like her very much. I didn't ask for a doctor name for week 38, just figuring I probably will not go that long.

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