Friday, December 19, 2008

Week 32

Today is the beginning of week 32. Both girls should weigh around 4 pounds a piece and are definitely starting to feel cramped. Sources say beyond this point, their weight gain will start to slow down because of the lack of room.

In terms of stretch marks...I have visible marks around my belly button and on the bottom/underneath section of my baby mountain. Yes, were past bump and moved to mountain.

Overall, I feel great. Maternal-fetal-medicine doctor said at the last appointment that we're trying for a 37 to 38 week pregnancy. I see him on Tuesday as well as have my first non stress test done.

Andy and family are very protective of me. They prefer me not to be out with the snow and ice; at least by myself. Falling wouldn't be good. They want me to take it easy and Andy is now doing our grocery shopping. They care. :)

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