Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today I went for a biophysical profile (which is a type of ultrasound), cervical length measurement, and a non-stress test (NST). The biophysical profile went well. The babies looked good.

The cervical length measurement was really what Andy and I were most concerned about, considering the last measurement went from 39mm to 24mm in a two week period. Only to add on the ultrasound tech thinking our babies were going to be born in two weeks. Eek! It has been a full week since the last measurement at 24mm. Today's measurement was 22mm!!! This was excellent news to my ears!!! I feared for worse. Only losing 2mm in a week is God looking out for the babies. I go for another biophysical profile and cervical length measurement in one week. I'll keep you posted on how many millimeters are lost next week. This is just so unpredictable. :)

The NST went well too. I don't enjoy these very much. I think because monitoring can take awhile and lying there becomes uncomfortable. Basically three monitors are strapped on to my stomach and the babies heart beats and any contractions are recorded on a print-out graph. Doctors are able to look at the print out over the time period the monitoring took place to see if the babies are good to go or if something else needs to be done or checked out. My NST was good, so I was done with testing for the day. I go for the next NST on Friday.

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Derek and Elisabeth said...

I am glad everything is looking well so far. Take it easy and drink tons of fluids. Your almost to the end!!