Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vaginal Infection?

I was worried today (okay, not just today) about the whole "vaginal infection" thing, so at the doctor appointment we discussed this some more. He said it's just the normal bacteria flora that is slightly out of balance. To say that there is an overgrowth of normal bacteria, he felt, was even an overstatement. So not anything to be worried or concerned about. I was glad to hear this because I was quite concerned/freaked and approaching a panic state.

Other than that...the girls are doing well. The doctor swabbed me for Group B Strep and he thinks the babies will be born next week! Oh also...no cervical length was measured today, so I have nothing to report on that.

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Carrie said...

Hi Jenny!

Your stomach looks ready to release : ) I hope you are staying as comfortable as possible. I can't wait to meet the little girls!!

Just wanted you & Andy to know I was thinking of you!!

Carrie Holtz